The IAYG works at every level to advance geographic, geologic, and global education, empowering young people to understand the world, its people, and its processes. At the primary and secondary school level, we organise academic competitions to inspire young people, connect classrooms with world-class educational resources, and hold educational events and seminars in regions around the world so that students have access to a state-of-the-art geographic education. At the university level, the IAYG University Society System connects and represents the world’s students in the field, while programmes like GeoInterns (linking students to valuable internship opportunities) and our academic journal portfolio create opportunity for geography’s future leaders. And as an institution dedicated to the empowerment of educators, IAYG regional platforms and local affiliates hold educator workshops and operate programmes that help teachers bring the best possible education in geography & global studies to students. And through the work of IAYG-supported blogs, IAYG-backed institutions, and our global alliances, we reach many more students and educators with the same goal – a world where everyone, everywhere has access to a global education relevant to their community and their future.

The IAYG believes that for issues from combating hunger to increasing urban sustainability, geography is critical to solving the world’s toughest challenges. As an institution that supports innovation and the advancement of geography & global studies, we support state-of-the-art research through the al-Idrisi Research Initiative and connect centres of learning in the field. Furthermore, as an organisation that stands for young and early career geographers, the IAYG organises programmes that strengthen professional opportunity for young people in the field, empowering new people and new ideas to advance the discipline.

The IAYG also leads the Global Geography Curriculum Development Programme (GGCDP), through which the IAYG, global development partners, local affiliates, and lead the development of state-of-the-art national curricula in geography, global citizenship, and sustainable development in partnership with national governments.

In the twenty-first century, tackling every major community and world issue begins with understanding the world around us. After all, the greatest challenges we face – poverty, health, hunger, environmental degradation, and so on – are geographical.

As an organisation that believes in the use of global understanding to impart change, the IAYG also empowers young people to be catalysts of development and positive societal change. From supporting innovative youth solutions to complex development challenges, to encouraging young people to take on community leadership, to providing avenues for youth to advance education in their community, to supporting students in education advocacy, the IAYG and its Coalition for Youth Community Leadership (CYCLE) unleash the potential of young people.

The IAYG’s mission is focused on young people: from the IAYG’s work creating opportunity for students & educators in geographic and global education, to our programmes for young and early career geographers, to our work creating avenues of engagement for young people, the IAYG gives young people a voice and a platform for change.

We empower young people by building avenues and programmes for global engagement. Organisation efforts like the IAYG University Society System (the only component of the IAYG composed entirely of young people) represent young people engaged in geographic and global studies, including students in all disciplines interested in the value of geography – empowering civically engaged, capable young leaders across the world.