Introducing the IAYG’s New Website

The IAYG is pleased to announce the official launch of our redesigned website! At the IAYG, we’re always committed to improving your web experience. With our latest redesign, websites across every region have been refreshed with sleek, user-friendly interfaces and new opportunities for engagement with the IAYG. In this website redesign, we’ve worked to bring more IAYG programmes online than ever before. Many programmes that were formerly only accessible in person are now fully online, former programme-specific websites are now connected with the primary website, and internal IAYG initiative websites have been made public – allowing you to learn about, register for, and participate in more of the IAYG’s incredible worldwide programmes right from the web!

Several programme-specific websites, including those of the Coalition for Youth Community Leadership and the University Society System, are currently being refreshed to integrate seamlessly with the new website design. As a result, these websites will be unavailable to the public until 23 July. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we build a better web experience for you!

We want to hear what you think! Questions, comments, and concerns can be sent to the IAYG’s Web Development Team (

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